"The Boys"

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if you’re interested as to what happened at the Heffron Drive show on Tuesday, look no further.

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"If you’re going to make me wear this hat, I’m going to make you hold my hand."

Anonymous: "did u go to the hd convert today"

no i didn’t go bc school got in the way. but i heard it was amazingly fun :) did you go??

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He’s such a sassy mother fucker

I can’t believe my never ending pain in the ass Logan is officially a quarter of a century old today.. It seems like just yesterday he was turning 20..

Excuse me while I check to see if he qualifies for AARP and life alert

Anonymous: "gurl u are soo pretty in ur picture with the boys. ur hair is fab"

thank you! you’re so sweet!

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I’ve realized this is my thing
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